General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

3Queens s.r.o., with registered office in Mezivrší 83/41, 147 00 Praha 4 - Braník, ID 09797025, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, sp. C 342707 (hereinafter referred to as the "Agency") hereby, in accordance with the relevant legislation (in particular Articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, hereinafter "GDPR" ) informs its job-applicants (hereinafter referred to as the "Candidate") about the processing of their personal data by the Agency as a Personal Data Provider in the provision of their services to the Applicants or their clients (employers) who are interested in finding the appropriate employees, amongst others, the Candidates working with the Agency.

1. Purpose, scope and timing of processing of personal data

The Personal Data of the Candidates specified below will be processed by the Agency for the following purposes:

a) Keeping records in the Candidate database for the purpose of their presentation to potential employers

The main activities of the Agency is keeping a Candidate database with the fact that the granting of consent, respectively, during the time of cooperation with the candidates, the data will be made available to prospective employers (Agency clients) that addresses the Agency the demand to find a suitable employee. The consent may be given in article 5 below, or in any other clear way (e.g. by email confirmation).

The Agency will process, in particular, the personal data provided in the Curriculum Vitae or other documents (documents on education, motivation letters, questionnaires, etc.) as well as data transmitted personally during interviews or e-mail and other communications. This will include mainly basic identification and contact details (in particular, name, surname, postal and e-mail address, telephone number), job details of the Candidate (job vacancies and qualifications of the Candidate, identification and contact details of former employers' representatives, including the name of such employers, etc.) and details of possible further employment (job preferences of the Applicant and his / her qualification, wage and other requirements, etc.).

Personal data will also be collected as part of the Agency's own activities (e.g. evaluation by the Agency representative). Data can also be obtained from other sources, for example within professional social networks (eg LinkedIn) or other companies or persons recommending Candidate etc.

Personal details of the Candidate will be processed for the duration of the consent and for the cooperation between the Agency and the Candidate. Unless the Candidate specifies otherwise, the Agency will keep the complete Candidate’s Data in its database for 5 years until the end of the fifth calendar year after the collaboration has been established (especially upon receiving the CV from the Candidate).

Candidates may terminate their cooperation with the Agency or process of their data for this purpose at any time by withdrawing their consent (or by any clear action by which they notify the termination of cooperation). In such cases, the Applicant's data will be immediately wiped out (erased) or anonymized if there is no other justification (eg, the existence of the Agency's legitimate interests - see the processing under point 1.b below).

b) Protection of the legitimate interests of the Agency (Agency defense)

As a result of existing cooperation, the Personal Data of Candidates may also be retained to protect the legitimate interests of the Agency. This processing concerns in particular the protection against a possible dispute with the Candidate about its presentation to a potential employer, or a possible control by the authorities. For protection, the necessary data may be retained for as long as there is a risk of a potential dispute with the Candidate, or where the Agency may be penalized by the authorities for non-performance of contractual or statutory obligations, generally up to 3 years after termination of cooperation between the Candidate and the Agency (possibly longer) until the end of the control, the dispute and the subsequent administrative, judicial and other proceedings).

2. Method of data processing and protection

Processing of personal data is performed on the premises of the Agency in an automated manner by means of computer technology, or manually in the form of a document file (personal file of the Candidate), by the authorized employees and other representatives of the Agency who need such data (need-to-know basis).

In the processing of personal data, the Agency has adopted technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of candidates’ personal data, in particular to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to personal data, their alteration, destruction or loss, unauthorized transmissions or any other unauthorized processing, misuse of personal data, even after termination of cooperation between the Candidate and the Agency.

3. Passing (accessing) personal data

The Agency does not anticipate systematic transmitting or making personal data of the Candidates to third parties available (with the exception of the Agency's clients - potential employers of Candidates.) The Agency does not anticipate the transfer of data outside the Czech Republic (except EU), with the exception of data storage in the ZOHO and Dropbox clouds, that in case of the data being stored outside the EU, will be secured through a data processing contract containing standard EU-approved contractual clauses by the Commission (possibly other appropriate measures).

However, it is not possible to exclude the transfer of data to the Agency's partners and advisers (e.g. lawyers, auditors, banks, IT firms) if there is a legitimate interest of the Agency. In addition, it may be mandatory to make the Candidate’s information available in particular to state authorities and other institutions if it follows from a legal regulation (e.g. in the case of control authorities, including the Labor Inspectorate, etc.).

4. Candidate’s Rights

The candidate has the right to require the Agency to access, correct or delete personal data, or to restrict its processing, as well as the right of the GDPR to the portability of its personal data. More detailed conditions for the use of these rights arise from the relevant legislation (in particular Articles 15 to 21 of the GDPR), except that for each individual processing (for each separate purpose mentioned in paragraph 1 above), all these rights are guaranteed.

For regulatory compliance (see Article 21 GDPR) The applicant has the right to object to the processing of their data when they are processed for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the Agency or any other person.

For the purpose of exercising his personal data protection rights, the candidate may contact the Agency by e-mail at GDPR‌‌M‌‌ The candidate has the right to file a complaint about the handling of his or her data directly with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

In order to meet the Agency's obligation to process only up-to-date data, and to present only actual data to potential employers, it is necessary to keep the data up-to-date only if the data is outdated. For this reason, it is essential for the Candidate to report a change in the data that the Agency maintains in its database.

5. Lessons Learned by the Candidate for the transfer of data and its consent

Providing data for keeping records in the Candidates database for the purpose of their presentation to potential employers under point 1.a) above is voluntary and requires the Applicant's consent.

The candidate has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. Referring agreement does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent which was given before his dismissal.

The consent of the Candidate is not necessary for the processing of data for the purposes of legitimate interests under point 1.b) above.