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QA Engineer
UX/UI designer
AI/ML Researcher
Agile coach
Product manager

C#/.NET Core
Swift, Kotlin
Azure, Aws

And plenty of other roles for you to shine in...

We have your dream job

Once an economist had been learning programming at night and was looking for a job. We found him THE project.

Every agency claims to offer a personal approach and good knowledge of IT market. Only few of them actually do. Big agencies only see numbers. What we see are smart human beings, a business of the future and our purpose in it. We want to find you a perfect job.

We have friends and family in IT world. In the past 2 years we've managed to build ourselves a good image among the IT community. Candidates approach us directly to get the right job for themselves. This is our biggest success.

We're in this together

Drop by or hit us up
Are you flexible and learn fast? Good starting point, but not enough to set the IT world on fire. We know what kind of people IT companies are looking for and we'll help you find the right fit for you. Either come by our office in Impact Hub in Prague, give us a call/Skype call or let's grab a coffee and chat about your possibilities and next steps.
We'll introduce you
We know what you want now. We're familiar with your skills and your priorities. Naturally we can't keep this info just to ourselves. Hunters have this great privilege: we know the behind-the-scenes overview of the labour market and we also know what traits companies are looking for. Your potential employer will get not only your CV. We'll reveal everything: what budget you find suitable, where you're steering your career or what your character is.
Shirt or T-shirt?
As soon as we get a feedback from a client, we'll let you know. And how to prepare for the interview? We'll help you there too. Be it questions regarding dresscode or your fears over unexpected inquiries. We'll guide you through.
Start date
It's your big day. The new chapter of your story starts today. Let us know how you like your new job. And in case something isn't up to your expectations, don't throw in the hardware just yet. Everything can be rearranged and we'll defend you like true lionesses - be it a fight for better working conditions or a different position.

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